1、Our trade way is unique and its safe.Pleas dont buy chips from trustless site.Your account may be got in jail server (server 2 and server 3),for many sites transfer chips with unprofessional method.
2、Please make sure not transfer chips with the other player  on table,that will cause your account into jail server (server 2 or server 3)

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Our Advantage:
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We provides 7 Days a Week Customer Service - online chat/ email / phone service to our customers.
Quick & Secure Delivery Guaranteed
We not only ensure prompt delivery but that your order remains secure every time - we guarantee it!
Lowest Price Guarantee
We never give up trying to offer lower price for our loyal customers.
No Spamming - Ever!
No annoying in-game messages, no unsolicited e-mails, no ugly spam listings in the major search engines and no false endorse-ments

We offer you the cheapest Pokerist Chips prices online, immediate delivery after your payment has been done.please contact our liveperson to check if the chips is available before you place your order
Trade Method: 1.We will invite you to a table and make you win all of the chips that you order.

                        2.You can offer your account and password and we will transfer the chips via logging on your account.

  • 50  Million Pokerist chips
  • 100  Million Pokerist chips
  • 200  Million Pokerist chips
  • 300  Million Pokerist chips
  • 500  Million Pokerist chips
  • 1000  Million Pokerist chips
  • 2000  Million Pokerist chips
  • 3000  Million Pokerist chips
  • 4000  Million Pokerist chips
  • 5000  Million Pokerist chips

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